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Marcia Vorster
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065 842 4644
Highwood Avenue Faerie Glen Pretoria
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We do Admin per hour! Time is all we have. We have to use it well and not get bogged down by work we don’t have to do. Like admin…. AdminAssist provides PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANTS WHO WORK PER HOUR and help people from everywhere in the world get the most out of their lives. Gone are the days when only the Queen and CEO’s have assistants! Many people, whether they’re employed by themselves or someone else, quickly reach a point where they feel overwhelmed by their many responsibilities. Having an assistant is like having a superpower – while you’re doing one task, she’s completing the other. Whether clients use our service on an ad hoc, temporary or permanent basis, they will receive an assistant with proven experience and integrity, who will help them REDUCE STRESS, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AND HAVE MORE FREE TIME!

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