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+ Do you realy provide Unlimited Backup Space and Unlimited Transfer rate?

+ How secure is Fileonline Online Backup?

+ Where are my files stored?

+ Why do I need FileOnline's online unlimited backup?

+ What is Livedrive?

+ What is the difference between Backup and Briefcase?

+ What are the minimum system requirements for the software?

+ Do you ever limit bandwidth or transfer speeds?

+ Will there be price increases?

+ Do we provide ongoing support?

+ We use a server to share files and are currently using harddrives to backup. How can Fileonline improve my online backup as a solution?

+ Tell me more about fileonline encryption standards

+ Hi, I would like to find out how would I use this product if I want to use it at multiple clients? 1 account per client?

+ I use a limitied cap internet access. What are the consequences?

+ How do Fileonline differ from its competitors?

+ Explain your payment methods please?

+ Can you backup my Outlook emails?

+ What about competition like Google, Microsoft Dropbox

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