Here is another true story regarding valuable data lost.

It is a current client of mine, now making use of my fileonline unlimited backup solutions for an affordable price of R59-00 per month.

This is an auditors firm in Pretoria which experienced all their laptops used in their offices to be stolen during an overnight burglary, irrespective of security measures in place. Say no more about data lost!

So then they decided to make use of five external hard drives to back up their valuable data.

One of the personnel was then tasked to backup these data from the server with the external hard drives on a daily basis, late in the afternoon, just before closing for the day.

It worked fine until the day when they needed to restore this data and just to found that number two hard drive in the sequence of restoring failed. Say no more!

Since then, they are making use of file online unlimited backup installed very easily and user-friendly on their server. While all personnel working on their computers, their data gets backed up automatically in real time. 

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